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God Of War: Many things are changing the new God of War Sony’s Santa Monica Studio is reimagining combat, moving to mythology, and taking the narrative in a completely different direction. Those are the large-scale changes; however, the game also explores new territory for Kratos in smaller ways that; like having him traverse a number of the Scandinavian wilderness by boat. Though this isn’t a revolutionary feature by video game standards; why boats are distinguished in God of War – and the way they enhance its storytelling – would possibly surprise you.

Kratos and Atreus use boats for the constant reason the remainder of us do: They can’t swim where they need to travel. Despite his restricted expertise exploring underwater in previous games; swimming isn’t a part of Kratos’ repertoire during this God of War. Artistic director; Cory Barlog, explains why: “As we started staring at, first, the crazy quantity of investment for full 3D swimming to be amazing, and, second, to have a personality follow you in fully 3D swimming, the programmers kept giving me that look.”

Ultimately, the team determined that its resources would be higher spent in different areas, going away swimming as a challenge to tackle in potential follow-up titles. However, Kratos and Atreus still required some way to cross water. “I started an investigation this concept of an enormous Viking boat, and so accomplished you may very continue the narrative throughout,” Barlog says. “You will slow traversal down and you’ll amendment the pacing and interaction vogue and purpose of reading. All while having these moments that you most likely couldn’t get in the other things.”

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The conception of 2 folks in shut proximity on a little boat has some built-in dramatic weight. Encircled by water, they can’t escape interaction. And if they struggle – if they don’t say something to every other – their silence will speak volumes. By permitting players to witness moments like these as a part of the journey, the team hopes to produce a special perspective on the relationship between Kratos and Atreus.


“It turned out very well, however, to be quite frank, it was not fashionable for a protracted time on the team,” Barlog says. “That was the running joke; if ever there was a discussion of scope or something associated with taking over too much, it was forever, ‘Well, we might cut the boat!’ I feel most those folks needed the swimming – as I wished the swimming – however, I feel I simply accepted ahead of they did. However, it’s a bigger win to try and do this. It very took a core group of individuals excavation in and finding that core feel that basically created it; ‘Oh, okay, I get it.’”

While a ship is a helpful narrative tool, we haven’t seen an extended consider its implementation. We didn’t get an opportunity to steer any watercraft ourselves throughout our hands-on time with God of War; however, players can have many opportunities to try and do this within the final game. Once we asked what share of the game players pay on a ship for our rapid-fire interview; Barlog’s full response was: “I’m speculating here, however, I’m going to say twenty-five to thirty % of the game’s extent, perhaps, is roofed by boat. Wow, that’s a decent one. I don’t know. We’re gonna go twenty-five percent.” whereas that appears like additional of an approximation of size that time, it’s still clear that players should expect boats to be used for over simply cinematic transition scenes.

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So, if wish to sail the seas, how do you get started? 1st of all, you won’t have to scan the coastline for long after you wish one. They’re simply forever around when you might want them. As a result, Kratos and Atreus use lots of various boats; you don’t have one special vessel, and you don’t earn any upgrades or enhancements as your progress. It’s an additional practical approach in which Kratos and Atreus simply use what’s readily available.

Though traveling by boat is an element of the journey; God of War doesn’t wrap a bunch of additional mechanics round the method. “It’s not a sailing simulator,” Barlog says. “It’s not the focal point of the game. It’s undoubtedly one in all those things of traversal, the approach you get a horse within the Last folks. It’s simply where – it’s not like you’re going around breeding horses or something like that.”

Because it’s so foreign to the normal God of War expertise; fans are clearly curious to check how this new kind of transportation fits into the franchise. However, keep in mind that it’s only 1 of the many changes reshaping God of War; we simply got to wait and see how all of the elements work along to form a replacement identity for God of War.

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