5 Things to Check While Choosing the Right Video to mp3 Converter

5 Things to Check While Choosing the Right Video to mp3 Converter
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Youtube to MP3 Converter

Youtube to MP3 Converter/Music Converter: How many times have you found your favorite music track on YouTube but failed to get it anywhere else? At least a couple of times, if not more!

However, using the video platform to listen to music can sometimes become a strenuous ordeal. For one, you cannot lock your phone or exit your screen to multitask, which is quite irritating to be honest. But, what is the easy hack out of this?

The answer: An online video to mp3 converter.

These video to audio converters help you extract music from YouTube videos and download it for sheer melodic ecstasy. Being the need of the hour, here are 5 things one should look for while choosing the right video to music converter.

  1. Quality

What’s the first thing you check while downloading a video online? Quality. Then why should a YouTube to mp3 converter be any different?

While uploading URLs to extract audio files, one must always check for the permissible file bitrate. Higher the bitrate better the sound quality. Basic bitrates range between 128kb/s to 190kb/s, although anything above 256kb/s is pretty fantastic!

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  1. Conversion Length

Sometimes the videos one is looking to convert are entire playlists which often exceed the hour mark. Many free online converters have an upper time limit above which they aren’t able to transform videos into audio files.

In such cases, an mp3 converter like mp3FY comes in handy. This website has no limit when it comes to the duration of the YouTube video file; rather it can convert 10 hour videos into audio files within a matter of minutes.

Now, not just your favorite tracks, but even educational videos can be kept as mp3 to listen to on-the-go.

  1. Free or Paid

While most of us want a YouTube to mp3 songs download free website online, paid ones have their own perks. From better bitrates to more file formats, a paid music converter should be your go-to if the track you need isn’t just for personal audience.

  1. Downloadable Software vs. Websites

Often, for the casual mp3 converter a free website is enough; however, one must never forget the connoisseurs among us. The music enthusiasts who still revel on how the CD delivered better audio quality than anything we have today.

FLAC audio format is their only chance of redemption and softwares like Free Video to MP3 Converter their only messiah! This software allows conversion of online videos into lossless compressed audio format with file sizes of anywhere between 20 – 40 MB allowing true auditory experience.

  1. Other Video Platforms Support

Even though YouTube’s the most popular, it isn’t the only online video platform online. Other popular websites like Dailymotion and Vimeo also have exciting video content that could add to your audio collection.

Therefore, it is very important that you choose a software like Any Video Converter. This application allows you to transform video files from literally any source including CDs into audio!

Things couldn’t possibly get any better!

While choosing a video to mp3 converter, you can tick any or all the boxes above according to your needs. However, as a responsible user of the internet, abide by the guidelines and privacy policies of the sites or softwares you use to download your favorite audio files.

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